Thursday, July 1, 2010

(500) Posts This Summer!

Today at the Reel Whore, I'm setting off fireworks. These aren't for Independence Day, but for a major milestone in the Whore's life. My dear stargazers, you are reading my

500th post!!!

How fucking cool is that? This calls for a celebration. If you got champagne, pop it.

I never imagined banging out enough content to fill 500 posts back when I started in August 2007. Luckily, you have kept coming back, making me feel appreciated for the content of my little corner of the interwebs. I'm still can't believe I've reached 500; even Shakira is in awe at my accomplishment:

Speaking of, thanks to all those who voted on my Shakira Concert: Stay or Go? poll. Unfortunately, your opinions were as divided as my own concerning the show.

Of the 4 votes cast,

1 vote for consorting with common people in LA,
1 vote for consorting with common people in Vegas,
1 vote for holding out for an NC concert,
1 vote
to wait for the Tour Blu-ray.

Hopefully I'll make a decision soon. Shakira can be none too happy that I've debated this for so long.

The new poll is a simple one. Reaching the 500 mark has been no easy task for the Reel Whore, and I'm beginning to worry the girl is showing her age. Blogger has all these shiny new templates to chose from and while I'm tempted to revamp her look, I think you stargazers should tell me what you think. So I've got to ask:

Does Reel Whore need a spit and polish?

Your choices:

Bitch needs a serious facelift!
A little nip/tuck couldn't hurt.

There's nothing like the original!

I'm also open to any suggestions you may have so feel free to comment away. With that, I'm off to start my next 500 with a bang...a gang bang, that is!


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