Monday, February 6, 2012

MMM: Take a Back Seat, Hitch-hike

Heyfolks. I'm such a slacker. I can't seem to get a Trailer Trash posted consistently lately. Not making excuses, but I've started another night class on Thursdays and that plus my Friday Vault Review column over at the MILF proved a bit more than I could manage last week. I'd tell you that I'd taken the weekend to get back on track, but there ain't no need to lie. I'll just try and do better this week.

Speaking of Man, I Love Films, I started a five part series named A Fistful of Romances! in honor of Valentine's Day. It kicked off with Stardust, and will run through next Tuesday. Since I'm being sentimental about the holiday of love, here's Queen singing about that crazy little thing...

Queen - Crazy Little Thing Called Love

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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