Monday, December 12, 2011

MMM: Me Teethes Is Chitterin

Damn stargazers, it's effin' cold here! I can normally deal with the winter chill, but I'm figuring since it was in the mid-70s last Monday my body just wasn't ready to downshift so quickly. Hopefully I'll get acclimated very soon. An apropos tune popped up into my shuffle this morning. It's by an up and coming band, Built for the Sea, that I assume is still around despite being MIA for a bit. If you know the scoop on them, let me know. If not, just enjoy their spin on this holiday classic.

Built for the Sea - Baby It's Cold Outside

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  1. Good choice. Chilly days make me want to stay inside, sip hot cider and watch "Bad Santa."

  2. You'll use any excuse to sip cider and watch Bad Santa