Thursday, August 16, 2007

Welcome Stargazers!

After years of writing movie reviews and annoyingly emailing them to friends and family I discovered this new-fangled medium people call "blogs." Though skeptical at first, I thought I might as well let my voice be know what I mean. Before you become hopelessly addicted to my reviews, I should warn you:

  • I rarely spoil the movie with my jibber-jabber.
  • I live for blatant gore, nudity, language, and violence and love to point out a film's flair for these (check out the Dirty Undies).
  • For the ADD-afflicted I employ the Money Shot at the end of every review.
  • I have an inexhaustible list of fav film talent and will revere them whenever the opportunity arises.
  • An easy to follow ratings system based on where we're hit the hardest: the wallet.
I think that's as much of an intro as anyone needs. Check back soon for an actual review!

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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