Monday, May 30, 2011

MMM: A Victim of Circumstance

All of my television series have FINALLY drawn to a close. (Was it just me, or did shows just not want to end this year?!) As much as I am glad to see them go, I am starting to feel a bit of an ache for one or two quality shows to watch in the evening. Thankfully, Roku and Netflix are here to comfort me when I need a quick fix.

I'm currently catching up on The Office, but I'm hoping to enjoy some of my old school favorites this summer. One favorite of mine that needs to be available for instant viewing but isn't is Bosom Buddies. It only aired two seasons, but I remember loving it and would love to see how it holds up. FYI, this was the show that launched the career of Tom Hanks. So this summer when you buy your ticket to his latest megahit, Larry Crowne, just think about how far he has come.

Billy Joel - My Life - Bosom Buddies Theme

Billy Joel wrote My Life, the Bosom Buddies theme, but his version was never used for the show. Now you know. Hope you have a good Memorial Day.

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  1. I haven't seen BB in decades, but I'm guessing that even though I liked it as a 6-year old or whatever, were I to go back now and check it out, I think it would be pretty awful.

    I'll let you be the guinea pig on that one...

  2. I'll definitely check it out sometime and take the 'bullet'. I'm sure some of BB will be painful, but when I watched Bachelor Party recently, it held up pretty well thanks to Hanks. Ha, that rhymed!