Monday, June 20, 2011

MMM: Say It Together

It's been a while since I've done a birthday shout-out in the Monday Mood Music and today's is for one of my iconic favorites. I had a wealth of songs in Lionel Richie's catalog to chose from, especially if you include his hits from his days in the Commodores. It was a tough choice to pick just one, but since my last few selections have been peppy, I decided to go in a different direction to honor Mr. Richie on his 62nd birthday.

Not only was this song #1 on the Billboard charts, but it won Richie a Golden Globe and an Oscar for Best Original Song for it's inclusion in the movie, White Nights. Not too shabby considering the stiff competition Richie was up against in both categories, including himself for co-writing a song for The Color Purple! Happy birthday to one of the most talented songwriters out there!

Lionel Richie - Say You, Say Me

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  1. How dare you. Just by seeing the title, I will likely have this shit stuck in my head for days. Boooooo.

    Totally unrelated - Wayne, why don't you join me and the gang for a LAMBcast one of these days? I'd love to have ya on!

  2. Mwwahahaha! Mission accomplished.

    I was so close to choosing Running with the Night instead, but what kind of movie lover would I be if I didn't post the Oscar winner?

    I've actually thought about podcasting - I'm jealous of you guys, esp. since I can't seem to write many movie reviews. I'm thinking I'd much prefer just talking shit about them!

    Sadly, I have not the set up for it. What all would I need besides a decent mic? Email the details if you get a chance.

  3. It's also been a long time since you posted a hump. Have you taken a vow of celibacy, RW?

  4. Ever since my movie stash has been boxed up, you know it's been hard to find a hump-worthy film, but I'll see what I can do.