Monday, April 26, 2010

MMM: Be Kind to Friendly Strangers

Some Mondays I have a hard time thinking of a song that really fits my mood. Other times, like today, I have nothing but songs in my head; I just don't have enough time to post them all. Between The Losers, SNL, Glee and Dancing with the Stars I have a plethora of great songs to choose from. So which will be the winner this week?

None of the above. When it gets hard to whittle down a particular favorite, it's time to dig into the pod and pull out a random 5-star tune. I've loved this particular one as far back as I can remember. For me that means my middle school years in the '80s, when I really started paying attention to music. The specific time isn't important; the song will always be five years older than me.

Back in 1970, a band by the name of the Ides of March reached #1 on the Billboard charts with this hit. The band split in 1973, but reunited in 1990 and have been a-rockin' and a-rollin' ever since. Though they've yet to repeat their success with their 1970 hit, I found it interesting that band member Jim Peterik went on to score several hits during the hiatus. He co-wrote hits such as Survivor's Eye of the Tiger, .38 Special's Hold on Loosely and Sammy Hagar's Heavy Metal to name a few.

All great songs, but none of them hold a candle to the Ides of March tune, Vehicle. When it was released, it was the fastest selling single in the history of Warner Bros. Records. Crazy all the things you can discover from Wikipedia, huh? According to their page, the Ides of March is still touring. Although they won't make it to my neck of the woods, you should check them out if they come your way. Until then, enjoy this live performance:

The Ides of March - Vehicle

Nothing like a strong brass section to get the Monday morning juices flowing.


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  1. I like this song, but I never knew who sang it. Honestly, where would we be without Wikipedia and VH1 specials?

  2. You'd be lost. But at least you have me to do the diggin' for you.