Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

The results are in! A few weeks back I asked the burning question:

How do you feel about the 3D experience?

Here's how you stargazers (as represented by the 11 voters) like this latest, movie-going fad:

1 voter Loves It!!! - The line for more Kool-Aid starts behind by Jeffrey Katzenberg and James Cameron.

3 voters Like It. - If there is no other format option available, you won't be offended to shill out a few more bucks.

3 voters Not Interested. - You didn't realize Hollywood was hyping a new film format; that's how much you care about it.

1 voter Don't Like It! - (Bad grammar aside) You'd prefer to keep your hard-earned money to spend on more non-3D movies.

and 3 voters plus myself...

Hated It!!!
We'd rather gouge our eyes out than support this fad!!! We give this 3D hoopla three snaps in a jump-off-a-the-screen-in-your-face circle, jerk-ass!!!


With that out of the way, let's talk about lameness. Specifically, the Reel Whore's lameness at posting. Lately I haven't been able to get a leg up on my review queue. I currently have a dozen films to be reviewed. My plan is to knock all those out within the next week to give my dear stargazers the quality content you deserve.

Since I've been so behind, my specialties have suffered greatly. Sure, I still manage to post my Monday Mood Music every week. I continue to faithfully chronicle my opinions of upcoming films by releasing my Trailer Trash at the beginning of every month. However, my loyal stargazers no doubt hate that I haven't posted a Who's That Lady?, Face Punch, or Spank Bank in, like, forever!

Thus brings us to my latest poll. I want to know which of my specialties would you like to see comeback with a vengeance? Would you prefer I spice things up with a new feature? Do you just not give a damn about anything but my reviews? In this poll, you can vote for as many of these as you'd like, Reel Whore has not limits. No tell me...

Which of my specialties do it for you?


Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Of course I went with Who's That Lady. :)

    And I'm about a dozen behind as well, though there's not a chance in hell I'll be on any spree to publish them all anytime soon. Just getting back on the horse will be enough to make me happy for now.

  2. I had a feeling you'd go with that choice.

    I'm so behind. I have posts and posts in my head, just no time to hack them out. Work and home projects keep eating away my time. That and going to see more movies which just exacerbates the issue!

    I still need to send an FYC over to the LAMB, too!