Monday, June 7, 2010

MMM: Belated Observance

Welcome to another Monday stargazers! I hope your week's horizon is looking bright and sunny. Mine is; I am going to what I hope will be two awesome concerts, Diane Birch tonight and Ingrid Michaelson Friday. That should keep me in a good mood no matter what inane shit these monkeys at work fling at me.

You'd think either of these two upcoming concert experiences would be the focus of my Monday Mood Music. You'd be right, except both Diane and Ingrid have already been featured. Instead, allow me to take this in a different direction. Since I've got monkeys at the workplace, why not have Gorillaz on the brain? The Gorillaz are a virtual band made up of Noodles, Murdoc Niccals, 2D and Russel Hobbs. Most of you should be familiar with their first single, Clint Eastwood. The name alone made it a hit in my mind, the awesomeness of it's sound solidified it.

Many of you may not be familiar with the song, Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head, from their second album, Demon Days. Ever since the passing of Dennis Hopper, this song has been playing in a loop in my head. Why? Because Dennis Hopper narrates the song. I've always found myself drawn to the combination of the melody and his voice.

To honor the late Dennis Hopper, may I present...

Gorillaz featuring Dennis Hopper -
Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head

Steer clear of flying feces and I guarantee it'll be a better week!

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