Friday, September 16, 2011

Trailer Trash: The September 16th Quickie

The weekend is once again upon us! If you've been suffering from Mad Men withdrawal or more specifically, buxom redhead withdrawal, this is the weekend you need to be at the theater. Christina Hendricks has supporting roles in two of the three major releases, at least that's what IMDb tells me, and it's not a site prone to lies. It's no surprise she couldn't find a role in Straw Dogs; having her and Alexander Skarsgård share the screen would have been too much hotness for one movie. If Hendricks isn't reason enough to buy your ticket, here's a few more. 

Drive Have you seen this trailer? If so, then there's no need to convince you to see Drive because you know it looks fucking fantastic! Following the Damon method, Gosling's poised to achieve action star status now that he's proven himself a talented dramatic actor. The film features an exceptional supporting cast and a highly praised director. How could you not see this?

Verdict: Moist With Antici...Pation!

I Don't Know How She Does It That would be the answer to the question; how does SJP still star in films? My disdain for Parker isn't the killing factor; Kinnear and Brosnan are enough to cancel her out for me. No actress, not even Maria Bello or Laura Linney could make this dopey premise appealing. Also, is it just me or does the poster remind you of Sesame Street's One of These Things (Is Not Like the Other) game?

Verdict:  Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy.

Straw Dogs Straw Dogs is one of my must-see fall movies. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe I have a soft spot for James Marsden. Maybe I just like films about good ol' country boys fucking with outsiders. Actually, it's probably because I'm a sucker for brutal violence and this appears to have it in spades. It has nothing to do with a shirtless Skarsgård; I get plenty of that in True Blood.  

Verdict:  Moist With Antici...Pation!

 Now that I'm thinking about it, this weekend is looking like television has invaded the movies with all the TV actors scoring so many parts in the offerings. I guess that's one way to ensure I'll get up off the couch and into a theater seat!

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  1. SO excited for STRAW DOGS. Been anticipating this for a long, long time. I love me some extreme violence, and I love me some James Marsden kicking ass. Hope it lives up to my expectations.

    Doesn't look like any of the theaters around here has DRIVE, which friggin' sucks (though they're still happy to have COWBOYS & ALIENS, ugh)

    OT: how are you liking the second half of DOCTOR WHO Series 6? I LOVED "Let's Kill Hitler" and "Girl Who Waited"; "Night Terrors" was very 'meh', IMO.

  2. You need to update your sidebar. A certain movie critic laughed until he cried while watching "The Guard" last weekend.
    The new SJP trailer is enough to make anyone feel "a little fungy around the dingle," don't you think?

  3. @Time Lord: Yeah, Cowboys & Aliens was a let down. I'm lucky enough to have Drive. Checking it out tomorrow.

    I'm right there w/ u on Doctor Who, Hitler & Waited were awesome.

    I was underwhelmed by Night Terrors, but I'm wondering how it may play into the overall arc. There were hints like the crack in the wall, the twins and the dog all reminded me of last season. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, or not enough. You never know w/ DW.

    @Dodge This!: I know, I know. I'll get to it this weekend.

    Yes, SJP movies give me a bad itch.