Monday, July 7, 2008

More Than a Mouthful (07.07.08)

Hello stargazers! Just wanted to send out a quick update. I've been sailing through movies at the theater the last few weeks. The only flick I haven't seen is the Love Guru because, well, it is the Love Guru. Now that my home internet issues appear to be resolved, the holiday weekend is behind me and the writing bug has bitten me in the arse once more. I am hoping to churn out a healthy number of reviews, post a long delayed new feature, add a new installment into the Spank Bank, and who knows what else may strike my fancy.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

In other news, the LAMB has started doing LAMBScores! What is that you may ask? It is a rating scale by the LAMBs for you! That's right. If you come to my site and, say, find yourself miffed that I pissed all over The Happening, follow any of the numerous LAMB links to see a herd of differing reviews.

Also on the LAMB, we have responded or will be responding to AFI's Top 10 lists of favorite movies. Right now we are voting on our Top 10 Comedies and the results should be up officially in the near future. If you're curious as to which comedies I think are the ten best, my list is below. I had to narrow this down from about fifty great comedies and I can't say exactly why I placed them in this particular order. Just know they can't all be winners now can they?!

Reel Whore's Top 10 Comedies
01. Ghostbusters
02. Office Space
03. The 40 Year-Old Virgin
04. Old School
05. The Big Lebowski
06. Booty Call
07. Bad Santa
08. Clue
09. Best in Show
10. Vacation

It'll be interesting to see exactly how many of these make it in the LAMB Top 10. Enough business, let's get to some reviews.

Large Association of Movie Blogs

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  1. You're not the only LAMB with love for The Big Lebowski, but what's up with the Mel Brooks movies making the Top 10? Methinks there's a conspiracy!