Monday, December 22, 2008

MMM: Look Frank. It's a Toaster!

Hey Stargazers! Sorry but my recovery has me a bit out of whack with my timing. Better late than never I say. This week's mood music is an uplifting song that I cannot wait to hear when I sit down to enjoy my cache of holiday favorites.

This particular tune is sung by the cast at the end of the film Scrooged. As an added holiday bonus, I thought I'd present this nice little promo to persuade you to give this flick a look-see if you never have before:

Though this week's music selection is performed by the cast of Scrooged, the soundtrack version was a duet performed by Annie Lennox and Al Green. I know that's a bit of an oddball collabo, but it works. The video posted below, however, doesn't work as looks like a sort of epileptic barrage of snowflakes, movie clips and Christmas cheer. What do you want? It was the 80's. Never the less, I hope you enjoy...

Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Wow, doesn't that just ooze the Eighties?!

Happy Holidays!

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