Tuesday, December 2, 2008

More Than a Mouthful: factualTV

*This post is on the Wrath of McCoy! auto-pilot.*

First, I must apologize to Carl over at factual TV for neglecting his request for so many months. You see, Carl put me onto his website which I've found is a great place to find documentaries you may not have heard of otherwise.

Being the Reel Whore that I am, I had to check out one of the most popular documentary films, This is Rock Bitch.

This is Rock Bitch Trailer (NSFW)

Unfortunately, I have yet to finish the film, though not because it was painful to watch. I had some issues with the player, which I believe are more a function of my pathetic Vista-infected machine and a wonky Firefox upgrade than the factualTV site. I am hoping to find more time to finish this high-quality film and check out many of the others which can be found under topics ranging from biographies to culture to sports and more.

Once you sign up, you're given a number of credits which you can use to purchase any documentaries that are available for download. You can see trailers for all films. Some films are free, others you'll need to purchase but so far I've only seen films priced at $1.99 to $2.99 which isn't terrible. If you get the chance, you should give factualTV a look see.

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