Monday, November 16, 2009

MMM: When She Waggle, It Don't Wiggle

This year I have rediscovered my local Comedy Club, Charlie Goodnights with a vengeance. I've been to see Kevin Pollack, John Oliver, Greg Giraldo and most recently the fellas of Broken Lizard. In the past I might have stopped in for a show once or twice a year, but Goodnights has been making a mint off me lately; and the trend doesn't show signs of slowing.

Especially considering this week's performer. This awesome lady is actually the reason why I've become such a comedy fiend this year. She had originally been scheduled to appear back in the spring. When I went to buy tickets for her show, it had been canceled. Once there, I discovered Pollack was coming to town. When I went back to buy his tickets, there was John Oliver! And each time I returned to purchase tickets, yet another interesting show awaited.

But the rescheduled show that started it all has finally arrived! Funny girl Aisha Tyler will be in Raleigh, NC from Thursday to Sunday. I tried to entice her to come earlier with sweet treats. I'm fairly certain she was tempted, but too busy with her new show Archer to oblige me (BTW, that's an FX show coming January 2010). Hmmm, I wonder if she remembers my offering of goodies? I best find out - I'd hate to show up empty-handed and disappoint Ms. Tyler.

If you're a local reader, I highly encourage you to come out for her show. If Raleigh, or NC for that matter, is too far of a haul, check out her site to find out when she'll be headed your way. To tie us over until she arrives, here's a funny little tune from her Live at the Fillmore dvd:

Aisha Tyler - Nowassitall

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