Thursday, November 5, 2009

Huh, Huh, You Said "Poll"

The dye has been cast, or rather, the votes and the result's a split decision! If you missed the previous poll post, I asked you stargazers what you thought of Lady Gaga. The goal was to settle a dispute in the Whore House over Gaga's talents.

17 stargazers weighed in, revealing:

A couple of you responded OMG! I love her!, revealing your paparazzi-level obsession over Gaga. A couple more could take or leave her, believing she's no great shakes, but two others felt she's a crazy chica making crappy tunes. You couldn't ask for a more divergent 2 vote, three-way tie.

Except results revealed an even stronger polarization. 5 votes show that some stargazers *vomit* at the mention of her. Contrarily, 6 votes prove folks dig her music, but admit she's weird.

You can add my vote to the diggin' the weirdo tab. Lady Gaga's creative for certain, but a few of the things she's done, or worn, have even given me pause. With that, looks like the fans eke out a win against you Negative Nellies.

Now onto new Poll!

As Halloween becomes a distant memory, stores are scrambling to bury their tombstones and make the idea of home invasion appealing. Once we stop begging for candy, we start begging for Christmas gifts. But somewhere in the in-between, we used to give thanks.

Same applies to movies. We are inundated with spooky, scary fare on the verge of Halloween which is quickly followed by a barrage of Christmas movies. As the Reel Whore, I relish watching those holiday staples. But in the hustle and bustle of Hollywood, when did they decide not to market Thanksgiving-themed movies?

Sure, Thanksgiving entertainment is typically reserved for football and the Macy's parade, but to you cinephiles I want to know, do you have a traditional comfort movie to fill the void?

To try something different for the new poll over the next couple of weeks, I want you to write in your vote for your favorite movie to watch over Thanksgiving. It doesn't have to be a Thanksgiving film, just one you equate to this time of year.

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  1. I'm Canadian, so we're about 3 weeks past our Thanksgiving...but I've actually always regarded US Thanksgiving as the "all clear" to bring out the Christmas movies.

    Thus, usually when y'all are eating turkey and watching football, I'm cue-ing up my copy of ELF :)

  2. Too bad folks in the US don't use Thanksgiving as the all-clear for Christmas cheer.

    Elf is one of my must-watch Christmas films!

  3. OK, I've decided I'm saying it. A Christmas Story, but like most young at heart I also watch Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving special.

  4. I have no movies associated with Thanksgiving. Though I'll give you my Xmas movies: I watch A Christmas Carol (with George C. Scott) every year, and I like to catch Home Alone if I can (HBO usually airs it).

    Otherwise, it's just football for me on Turkey Day.

  5. @Fletch- It's looking more and more like Turkey Day is when folks queue up the Christmas movies.

    I haven't watched Home Alone in years. I've never sat thru the whole of George C. Scott's Christmas Carol. I catch bits and pieces with the assumption I'll finish it next time it's on yet never have.

  6. no movies i associate much, but i think i've watched charlie brown thanksgiving and charlie brown christmas every year since i was born. it makes me happy and warm.

    i also always have love for that original christmas carol from decades ago

  7. I totally missed a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this year?! Was watching The Office on Demand with my cousin and totally forgot about it.

    Gonna have my DVR set for the Christmas special though.