Friday, July 1, 2011

Trailer Trash: The July 1st Quickie

According to IMDb, one film already has a jumpstart on the Fourth of July weekend and it's two competitors. I use the word 'competitor' lightly considering this weekend's releases appeal to vastly different moviegoers. Take a look and see which is my, and your, cup of tea.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon  After that God-awful piece of trash Bay, LaBeouf and Fox shat out of their collective asses in 2009, you'd think I'd give this latest travesty a wide berth. Especially since this third installment has been bloated beyond the two-and-a-half hour mark (it's called editing, try it sometime). Still, it's giant robots wrecking shit and I for one desperately hope Optimus Prime will squash Sam and his latest ho-cake underfoot.  

Verdict:  It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.

Larry Crowne His turn as Robert Langdon notwithstanding, Tom Hanks is about as reliable a movie star as you can watch. I expect his turn in Larry Crowne to not only shine brightly at the summer box office, but also lift Julia Roberts out of her 2010 slump. Word on the streets isn't all that positive, but my guess is his Average Joe appeal will win over the masses despite what any critics say.

Verdict: Moist With Antici...Pation!

Monte Carlo  


Verdict:  Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy.

Whether you venture to the theater or not, here's to a Happy Fourth of July weekend!

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  1. Wet over a Tom Hanks rom-com? I would not expect that from you, Whore.

  2. RW's hard up. After all, the love of his life is co-starring in a Kevin James flick. It's looking like a long, dry summer.

  3. @blake: I know, but the pickin's have been slim this year and I've been nostalgic for Hanks lately.

    @Dodge This!: Speaking of, do you think we can stop by and see Rosario when we go to NYC? I'm sure she misses me. :-)

  4. Have lot of hopes on Transformers, Lets Wait and watch.

  5. I saw Transformers over the weekend and have to say it was far better than the second. Still too freaking long, but a decent summer flick.

  6. You're a better (or worse....?) man than I. After enduring Revenge of the Fallen, there's not an ounce of interest in me for ever seeing #3. Short of hearing that Rosie doffs her top or Sam is killed off...I just don't care (and I'm not even sure either of those events would be enough, either, frankly).

    I, too, was shocked at the moistness for Larry Crowne...didja see it?

  7. I did see Larry Crowne. I enjoyed it, hard not to dig on the combined charisma or Hanks and Roberts, but it was a weak story overall. Was hoping for stronger from it. Guess everyone else was too given the box office so far.

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