Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trailer Trash: May 11 of 2012

Welcome to another weekend with only a single release to choose from. I'm not complaining, it makes for easy trash talkin'!

Dark Shadows I have been excited to see Dark Shadows since the very first trailer aired. I'm fairly certain the moment that won me over is when Johnny Depp exclaims, Reveal yourself, tiny songstress! I know a bunch of my friends could care less about Tim Burton's re-imagining, but if you need another reason to make you buy a ticket, what about this?

Now you have three great reasons to see Dark Shadows. I'll see you there.

Verdict: Moist With Antici...Pation!

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  1. I've been strongly against this thing from the start, but you make an excellent point: Eva Green has fantastic breasts, and if I were to hear that they were prominently on display, I just might see this if I were out of other options.

    Thought that tiny songstress line is pretty good, too.

    Seen it yet?

    1. Have you ever seen Camelot? If not, I highly recommend it. Eva Green is jaw-droppingly hot and does an awesomely wicked portrayal. It took me about 5 eps to really get into the story, but it ended strong. Really a shame there's not going to be a 2nd season.

      I was out of town for Mother's Day, so Dark Shadows is on tap for tomorrow. Can't wait.

    2. Nope - that was on Starz or Showtime, and I have neither. Sounds a bit intriguing, but I'm not sure I'll ever get around to watching it, especially because it only had the one season.

    3. I don't have neither either, but Starz does/did that tie in with Netflix which is how I saw it.

      I like watching canceled series sometimes. I know going in to enjoy it for what it is and I don't have to worry about being sucked in for years. If you do pass on Camelot, I highly recommend searching for an Eva Green highlights reel.