Friday, April 11, 2008

More than a Mouthful (04.11.08)

I want to let everyone know I have returned. Work had me out of town for a couple of days this week, hence my brief absence. Didn't notice? Um, well, anyway.

I have a review coming up later today but in the meantime I just read my blog buddy Fletch's post Enough, it's a sort of diatribe about Disney and zombies. Yeah, exactly. It reminded me of a similar conversation I had with my wife a few weeks back which started me penning a rather lengthy comment. To shorten it up, and give my readers the benefit of my tilt-a-whirl mindset, I give you:

My zombie film idea
(brought to you in response to Fletch's zombie film idea and inspired by the film

A la Fido the human race has, mostly, survived a zombie onslaught. While there are the occasional zombie uprisings that occur after heavy rains near shallow cemeteries or large traffic accidents, life is normal. The big change is that we've discovered how to tame zombies. Zombies have become the new pugs and ferrets in our lives (see also Shaun of the Dead and Fido). Now that the hunger for living flesh has been suppressed, zombie pets begin to exhibit flashes of their former selves.

An ingenious, or greedy, individual manages to purchase a zombified celebrity (we'll say Elvis but I'd prefer a music or writing legend that's not so cliche). Owning said Zombie Elvis, they sue for ownership of all royalties and rights over their pet's creations. The argument; they are the current caregiver of that individual and since their family washed their hands of him once they were buried, why should they continue to reap the benefits? They were only part of their first life, and in this new world we all know life goes on.

While the trial is ongoing, citizens are inspired to take to the graves, digging up any moderately famous person to release them from their casket to cash in. Zombie populations escalate, partially due to these newly uncovered specimens and partially due to the resulting death tolls from confrontations between people competing for their own Zombie Elvis cash cow. Deaths also increase from families trying to protect their Zombie Elvis's rest from exploitation.

It's all the drama of Perry Mason mixed with the mayhem of a classic Romero zombie story and who knows, there might be room for a zombie dance sequence. Shameless, I know.


Speaking of shameless, have you taken time to swing by the LAMB and cast your vote in the Sirens of the LAMBs Round 2 battle between my Baby Firefly and Asami Yamazaki? Don't delay!

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  1. Wasn't that the plot for Bubba Ho-Tep?

    Kidding. I haven't actually seen that, but I know it's about an old Elvis.

    Like the idea, especially the part where people are ravaging cemetaries to dig up the famous dead. Watch out, Jim Morrison's grave!

  2. I highly recommend Bubba Ho-Tep! Awesome film; a soul-sucking mummy (read: Egyptian zombie) versus a geriatric Elvis and black JFK! What could be any better than that?

    "I'm thinking with sand here!" Um, anyway...

    I think our two ideas alone could keep Hollywood knee deep in zombie guts for at least another decade (w/ sequels, spin-offs and rip offs). Who ya gotta know around here to make a movie?!

  3. A funny epilogue to all this is that Mrs. Fletch and I were talking about my fake zombie movie idea last night, and she sparked another idea for a film that could be made, and one that I just might try making (it would be a short). It would be quite ironic for my first stab at moviemaking to be in a genre that I don't really care for (though, to be honest, it would be a comedy).

  4. Oh, and I've been meaning to watch Bubba at some point. I love the setup - bizarre as hell.