Thursday, April 17, 2008

More Than a Mouthful (04.17.08)

Hey Stargazers! You may be wondering what's with all the silence at the Reel Whore. To put it simply, my blogging time has been crushed by my own watching, reading and sulking. Specifically:

I've had the privilege to get two sneak preview tickets this week. I say privilege because this time last year I had seen about ten more sneak peeks than to date this year. Scandalous! Anyways, I have already seen The Forbidden Kingdom and unless something crazy happens will be seeing Forgetting Sarah Marshall tonight. Clear your calendars for tomorrow, quality reviews forthcoming.

In other watching news, post-strike TV has returned so my DVR is overflowing. We got brand new Bones this week.

Ah, Bones and Booth, how did I ever survive without you?

Aside from my weekly comics, I have been skulking around my fellow bloggers' sites. These are just a few of the many posts worth your time:

Ever seen the movie Idiocracy? What?! Never heard of it? Well, here's 5 Great Things About Idiocracy that'll put this next on your Q.

Friend Mouse found a great list of the 50 Greatest Television Shows of All Time at Empire Online. I was sad that Bones didn't make the cut, but many of my faves did. I'm a fan of about 20 of these shows, there's 4 I'd love to see and 1 that should be nowhere near this list. Can you figure out which ones?

Like East Asian cinema? Not sure what it is? Well, there's A Week of Recent East Asian Cinema just waiting for you. I haven't read all these posts, but I'll be back there once I'm finished here.

In a bit of a blog regurgitation, Invisible Woman re-posted an article from that she found thanks to one of her blog buddies posts. Now I am passing along this story to you. It's Hollywood's 6 Favorite Offensive Stereotypes. It's funny (and sad) because it's true.

Enjoy horror movies like yours truly? Invasion of the B Movies has 30 Days of Horror happening right now. Most recent is Day 16: The Thing. Jump on board before you miss out!

Round 2 results for the Sirens of the LAMBs battle are in and my contender, Baby Firefly has been eliminated. I guess she's destined to be a Two-and-Out kinda girl. I was sad to see her go, but that means I can save up my creative juices for the next showdown. Thanks to all who voted and be sure to check in at the LAMB for Round 3.

The Sirens news is a little disappointing but that's not what has me sulking. Those who know me from my pre-blog days should remember the sadness and anger associated with this time of year. For those who don't know, I thought I was ready to open up, but I can't bring myself to do so.

If I can get a grip on my emotions I will try to re-post my painful memories soon.

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  1. Here, have this beer and let us sulk together. O-Ren lost as well and I've been crying ever since.

  2. I'm sorry for your loss.

    I was so looking forward to duking it out with O-Ren. I had a whole throwdown planned in my head involving the Hanzo sword and a '70s model land yacht. It could've been fun times.


  3. Thanks for the shout, brother, and excellent use of the banners. :)

    Sorry you're going through a rough patch. Hope the free passes help ever so slightly.

    FSM is on tap for us this weekend, I'm sure...

  4. What Fletch said: thanks for the shout-out - much appreciated. And I'm looking forward to reading what you thought of Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I'm hoping to see it/review it this weekend as well.

  5. I must repeat everyone's comment and say thanks for the shout out! Awesome post per usual!

  6. Thanks to all! I was happy to give you all props for your posts.

    My FSM review will be up shortly, I can't wait you all have to say about FSM. Hope you enjoy it.