Friday, September 26, 2008


*This post is on Dammit Jim! auto-pilot.*

The time is now!

CAGEFEST: The Nic Cage Film Festival, or what I like to refer to as CAGEFEST: Essays on the Fallacies, Follies and Follies of Nic Cage, has been ongoing for a while. I hope you have been following the Pro/Con debates intently.

The Reel Whore's contribution to the festival has been posted. I have taken the Con stance on Leaving Las Vegas for which Cage won his only Oscar win. Go now and enjoy the festivities.

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  1. "The Reel Whore's contribution to the festival has been posted."

    Damn funky autopilot.

    Wayne's contribution will be posted later today.

  2. I love Leaving Las Vegas. Its a very powerful film with great performances by Shue and Cage.

  3. @fletch: Thanks for catching the auto-pilot issues. I am disappointed with Dammit Jim!'s sub-par performance.

    @film-book: Watching it a second time gave me more respect for the film. Shue was awesome. I was fine with Cage once he got to Vegas - the zany stuff in the beginning was a bit much. Still, the film's story just bugs me too much.