Friday, September 12, 2008

People I Want To Punch in the Face, Vol. 3

'My blog buddy Friend Mouse reminded me just the other day that "Life is too short for junk tv." Knowing this, I can't believe I wasted two hours and thirteen minutes on some washed-up starlet's infomercial. You may know it better as the 2008 MTV VMAs. The wasted time did stir my ire:

Shitney Beers a.k.a. Britney Spears

I feel so much better, y'all.

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  1. Nice. I try to stay away from anything associated with MTV.

    To quote Lewis Black "MTV is to Music as Colonel Sanders is to chicken."

    What's worse is they are taking their ability to kill the joy of a medium to film. Their next offering is a remake of Rocky Horror. Just shoot me now.

  2. Wow, the title itself had me laughing! lol!

  3. @TMW: Haha! I love Lewis Black. His wisdom has gotten me thru much. I stopped eating at KFC years ago, I should have stopped listening to MTV long before then.

    I signed the Rocky Horror petition on your site. I can't imagine how badly they could screw that up. I shudder to even imagine the casting.

    @angela: Thanks! I aim to please.

  4. She needs a proper beatdown to set her crazy ass straight.