Monday, September 22, 2008

Dammit Jim!

Attention Stargazers!

This week,
life as I know it will end.

How melodramatic does that sound? It's as if you tuned into a Tyler Perry production.

It's not that serious. If you've been wondering why the Reel Whore has been slack about posting and commenting, it's not only because my mind's been on vacation since July. I've been making arrangements with my doctor to remedy some chronic issues.

To paraphrase Ash of the Evil Dead, if the evil gets in you, the best remedy is to lob it off. Since I don't think a chainsaw is the best tool for the job, I'll be letting the doctors work their voodoo magic later this week.

Starting Thursday, the site will auto-update (ideally), continuing to provide you with your must-have dose of whorishness while I am out of commission. Once my head clears from the drug-induced fog, I will take the reins once again.

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