Monday, December 13, 2010

MMM: Falling Out of Reach

I had intended for this week's musical selection to be the official music video, but apparently some companies still insist on disabling embedding. That is SO two years ago. Especially considering this week's selection is so eight years ago.

This tune was born from the mind of Raine Maida, lead singer of Our Lady Peace around Christmas 2001. Over his ten day holiday he scratched out seven new songs for their upcoming album, Gravity. Less than a year later, this song was released to the masses.

Now, nine years since it's inception, here is a live performance of Somewhere Out There for your listening pleasure.

Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There

I best jet, Christmas shopping is calling. With only two weeks left, I guess I should get started! Here's hoping your holiday errands are nearly done.

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