Monday, March 14, 2011

MMM: Physics and Physicians

Afternoon stargazers. I would have posted sooner, but my morning was gobbled up by a doctor's appointment. Despite myself, I received a nearly clean bill of health (dang allergies). With that behind me, I can concentrate on the week in front of me, which means it's time to pick a mood music.

Today's song selection is from Vienna Teng, an artist I saw in town less than two weeks ago. This was my second time seeing her live; this time accompanied by percussionist Alex Wong. Vienna is a software engineer turned pianist-singer-songwriter studying to be a capitalist pig-tree hugger. More importantly, give her a mic and a piano and she'll crank out some great music. I could go on, but since this post is already late, I'm going to sit down and let the lady sing.

Vienna Teng - Gravity

In other concert news, I scored tickets to Neil Young's April concert! Anybody got any concerts they're looking forward to in the coming months?

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