Monday, March 7, 2011

MMM: Don't Rush Me

Since last week was a flashback to my college years, I decided to reach back even little further this week. In doing so, I'll also be giving a birthday shout out to this week's mood music artist. This particular artist was the bomb diggity back in the day. From right out of the starting gate, she landed in the top ten of the Billboard charts and continued to do so with her next six singles. That's a total of seven, man, seven top ten hits in four years. Not too shabby.

Shortly thereafter, her hold over the Billboard charts slipped, although she continues to top Billboard's Hot Dance Club Songs charts every few years. Currently, she's remastering her Greatest Hits album. Taylor Dane is 49 today. To celebrate, I've decided to play the fourth single from her debut album which became her highest charting single at that time. Enjoy!

Taylor Dayne - Don't Rush Me

Watching her old videos, it's crazy how much Fergie reminds me of Taylor Dane. Considering Fergie covered Taylor's first single, Tell It to My Heart, during her time on Kids Incorporated, we can assume Taylor might have had a little influence over Fergie.

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  1. Wow. I never knew Fergie was on Kids, Incorporated! I loved that show as a kid.

  2. That was my show. I had a crush on Martika aka Gloria back in the day. Guess I had a thing for older women back then.