Friday, March 4, 2011

Trailer Trash: The March 4th Quickie

Welcome to the end of another week, stargazers. I hope you don't mind that I've been quiet this week; trying to recuperate from my Confessions and the Oscars. I do regret skipping last week's Trailer Trash because one of my most anticipated films of the new year opened.

If you guessed Nic Cage's Drive Angry, that's a bingo! Despite having an action chub for this movie since I first saw the trailer back in fall 2010, I will not give in to the shameless 3D pandering! I will patiently wait to view this once it has been bumped into the tiny, slightly colder 2D theater at the very end of the hallway. I just hope it fulfills the insanely, cheesy promise the trailer makes.

But I digress. You're here to get the scoop on this week's new releases. IMDb says we have four major releases which range from comedy to drama for both young and old. But are any worth your dime?

The Adjustment Bureau I'm loving this cast; Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Slattery and Terence Stamp make this movie hard to pass up. However, dodgy word-of-mouth and a release date that's run around the calendar more than these characters do in the trailer gives me pause. The quality of March films can be a roll of the dice, but I'm not sure luck will be with me on this one.

Verdict: It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.

Beastly CBS Films is at it again. Who asked them to get into the movie business anyways? Honestly, who watches any of their TV programming. Okay, I do watch The Defenders; but every company has to get at least one thing right. As for the Beastly trailer, Vain prick (yawn) meets wackadoo Olsen twin (yawn) which leads to tutoring by NPH (YAY!) and loving from Efron's leftovers (yyyaaaaaawwwwwn).

Verdict: Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy.

Rango At this point, after super bowl spots, theatrical trailers, TV commercials and internet ads, I'm pretty much Rango'd the fuck out. Honestly, from all that I have seen and read about this, the making of Rango looks far more entertaining than the movie can ever hope to be. At least it ain't in fucking 3D, and for that, I'll give it a pass.

Verdict: It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.

Take Me Home Tonight I swore this was two thirty-something guys trying to recapture their youthful fervor by crashing a high school party after meeting this hot young blonde. Actually, they're all roughly the same age! What the shit? Who done thunk this was the bestest idea? I guess it could be a spoof on old high school flics, or it could (and will) just kill the success of the entire premise. I do love Anna though, so it will be watched...eventually.

Verdict: It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.

 By the looks of things, I'll still be cruising the cheap theaters this weekend. If only, Drive Angry had a 2D showing in my area.

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  1. So, did you ever see Drive Angry?

    I found it a bit shocking that Anthony Mackie (of The Hurt Locker) is nowhere to be found in the marketing for The Adj Bureau. I'd say it smacks of racism, but the fact is, he's not a big name and his role isn't that big. Thing is, neither is John Slattery, save for the fedoras/Mad Men connection. Weird.

    Ouch - Rango seems to be getting much better praise than you're granting it. On par with Take Me Home Tonight? Say it ain't so!

  2. I was surprised there was no sight of Mackie in the AdjBur either, but if his role is small now I can see that.

    I think Rango will be fun, but I was just so sick of the ads. If it helps any, TMHT was low-middling "meh" where Rango was more a catch me on a good day and I'll gladly go.

  3. I might have undersold Mackie's role. I'm not positive, but I want to say that he has the most lines and screen time of any of the adjusters (it's really tight between him and Slattery, though).

    I guess I skipped out on enough of the Rango ads to have it not annoy me. Looking forward to seeing it...

  4. If you catch Rango, let me know your thoughts. I just saw Paul last night so I need to kick the 'ol review writing into gear and post.

    I don't know when I'll catch AdjBur