Monday, November 7, 2011

MMM: You Sound Like You're From London!

This Monday Mood Music is brought to you by a funny story. Fall is in full force here and my summer generosity has come back to bite me; i.e. I donated a ton of my old long sleeve shirts to Goodwill and now my ass is frosty. So, I was strolling through various mall stores in search of replacement duds when the following occurred:

In the back of the store, older lady clerk turns to young hipster clerk and says" I love this song, who is it?"
YHC: Oh this is Adele. I love her.
OLC: Really? She's singing so much higher than in her other songs.
YHC: I know! She has such an amazing range. She's just so wonderful.
OLC: Yes she is...

I smiled as I walked away from their converse. Adele is a phenomenal singer, without a doubt. However, I know every Adele song and that won't one of them. They were actually listening to Duffy, but I decided to stay out of it. The irony's in the title. Enjoy! 

Duffy -  Rain On Your Parade

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