Thursday, September 25, 2008

Huh, huh, you said "Poll" (09.25.08)

*This post is on Dammit Jim! auto-pilot.*

For those following television's fall premiere schedule, today marks the return of Ugly Betty. I've been a watcher of the show since its beginning and I admit to becoming a devoted fan by the fourth or fifth episode.

Aside from some great writing, the show boasts the HOTTEST cast of characters in primetime. From America Ferrera to Vanessa Williams, Eric Mabius to Freddy Rodriguez, the sex appeal of the show oozes from every corner of the screen. The cherry on top is the smokin' guest appearances from the likes of Salma Hayek, Rick Fox and Gabrielle Union, just to name a few.

So I pose not one, but two questions to you; who is the sexiest woman and the sexiest man on Ugly Betty? Since the list can get rather long, I've chosen the cream for each category:

Sexiest Ugly Betty Contenders-Ladies:
Betty (America Ferrera)

(Rebecca Romijn)

(Ana Ortiz)

(Becki Newton)

(Vanessa Williams)

Sexiest Ugly Betty Contenders-Fellas:
Daniel (Eric Mabius)

(Freddy Rodriguez)

(Christopher Gorham)

Coach Tony
(Eddie Cibrian)

(Michael Urie)

The polls are in the sidebar awaiting your votes. Never seen an episode of Ugly Betty? It's a nice coincidence this post doubles as a reminder to watch the season premiere. The poll will be up for a few weeks so between the premiere and the character info above, the only problem you should have is deciding who exactly IS the sexiest.

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  1. Love the show. Its so funny and well written. It balances heart, drama and comedy very well.

    I haven't seen the last two seasons however. I stopped at episode eighteen or nineteen in the first season. I've skipped the other seasons until I catch up.

  2. You gotta get caught up! Ugly Betty has managed to stay strong so far.

    I find that watching shows on DVD are much easier. You can plow through the episodes without being stuck waiting on each cliffhanger for weeks or an entire summer.