Monday, December 29, 2008

MMM: Thank U 4 A Funky Time

I tell you, between the holidays and my recovery, I can't seem to take proper care of the site. With the new year fast approaching, it's time to declare those resolutions and maintaining my website will be in there...somewhere, I promise.

In the meantime, it's time to start the week off with a kick-ass groove. Those who know me, know this choice is a no-brainer even if it is a bit cliché. It goes without saying he is my favorite artist. He's been putting out CDs for nearly as long as I've been breathing and is still going strong with a new album nearly every year.

This selection may be obvious, but since we're ringing in the new 2009, why not remember what it's like to party like it's 1999? Prince had the right idea twenty-six years ago and though we've moved beyond the Judgement Day-millennium paranoia, I think the world's still screwy enough that the sentiment holds strong.

I grabbed this from the MTV website for it's high quality, though the lame commercial preceding it cannot be helped. Persevere through it and then rock out with the man and his awesome purple jacket.

Prince - 1999

Got any 2009 resolutions you want to share?

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  1. Ahh, reminds me of the days when I wanted a purple suit, and purple clothes, and to live in a purple house.

  2. Well, Mrs. Fletch and I have kinda sorta been pretty good at quitting smoking (how's that for waffing?). It's been nearly two months and while we're not completely off the smack, we're probably averaging no more than one a day over that time period. 'bout the ol' reliable "lose weight" gambit?

  3. @Dodge- I'm glad you finally let that purple suit go to Goodwill. lol!

    @Fletch- One cig a day isn't bad, I think my dad's at one/hour! Ah yes, the ol' lose weight resolution. I declared that many a year. Ironically, my '09 goal is to gain weight - all this messy doctor business has robbed me of my cuddly girth and I'm ready to have it back (some of it not all, mind you). I need to think about what other resolutions need to go on my list.