Monday, January 5, 2009

MMM: Tonight, You're A Star...

It's 2009 and the party continues! At least I'd like to think it does. I rang in the new year with my favorite artist Prince last week, and I just can't get enough. That's why this week the mood music features the Artist once again.

This time 'round, we move forward almost a decade into his career since his release of 1999 to another great album, Diamonds and Pearls. There are many fabulous songs from D&P, but I decided to keep the party mood going with the wild and sexy Gett Off. Provocative lyrics and a provocative video to kick the week off right:

Prince - Gett Off

And I'm the Big Dipper!

I've been chastised by some for not getting out more content this past few weeks.. My plan is to send up a special post later today and tomorrow the Reel Whore will return with actual movie reviews! That should be a treat since I have a serious 2008 backlog to wrap up before beginning my Best of 2008 countdown! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well.

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