Monday, January 26, 2009

MMM: You Can't Read My Mind

Another week is afoot, stargazers! There are big happenings afoot at Reel Whore, long long overdue happenings that will finally begin later today. As my wife kept reminding me, "folks can't read your mind, so get off your duff and get to writing!"

That said, it made me think of the song by the Killers, Read My Mind. As a fan, I enjoy their music and I enjoy their videos even more. This particular video was filmed in the place I'd most like to visit; Tokyo, Japan and makes me want to go even more. Guess I should look airfare while prices are low!!!

The Killers - Read My Mind

I don't know which is my favorite; the Killers as geisha, the Elvis impersonator, or Gachapin!What did you like the most?

BTW, only one day left to vote on the poll!

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  1. I'd like The Killers a lot more if they didn't have to be so lame about it.

    That "looks like Jesus"/"talks like a gentleman" song was just brutally bad. But I have liked others. "Read My Mind"...meh.

    Two "afoot"s in the same paragraph?! This really must be big!!

  2. I wasn't a big fan of the Jesus song either but I dig their other songs.

    Two afoots? Whoops! And here I thought I was proofreading. It is big and it has begun!