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Secret Diary '08: Confessions Part IV

Wow, it's already Thursday. The week is flying by and so are my Confessions. I hope you haven't fallen behind, but if you have you can always catch up:

Part I; Part II; Part III

Awards #5 and 6 focus on the most memorable moments in 2008 cinema. These are those moments that makes some movies great and the others at least tolerable.

Award #5: Most Memorable Movie Moments of 2008

If you're like me, watching so many films year after year can sometimes dilute my memory, especially with the plethora of mediocre films watched. However, every once in a blue moon even the lamest of films do make a lasting impression. The following award recognizes the bestus 2008 movie moments left etched onto my brainpan.

The Sloppy Seconds:

Marilyn Monroe Ain't Got Nothing on Anna.
(The House Bunny)

Between all the trailers and multiple movie viewings, I've probably seen this moment about a hundred and sixty-seven times, and it keeps getting funnier every single time I see it!


Is the Panasonic Gonna have to Smack a Bitch!?

Quarantine excelled on many levels but none more so than effectively capturing people's instinctual reactions to the situation at hand...especially Scott.

Just Desserts Served up at the Lunch Counter.
(The Family That Preys)

I love me some Sanaa Lathan, but her ice cold portrayal of Andrea even started to affect me. It was good that someone was finally able to break the ice.

Remembering Life's Little Shitfalls.
(Slumdog Millionaire)

Slumdog_Millionaire Of all the tribulations Jamal had to endure during his life, none are quite as memorable as his first brush with celebrity.

Harry's Secretive Tinkering is Exposed.
Burn After Reading)

The Coens' return time and again to Harry working diligently in the basement on a top secret project. The ominous sequences cannot prepare you for the deviant device's debut.

Roadtrippers Ignore the Elephants in the Room.
(Sex Drive)

While their best bud Lance fraternizes with the local, Ian and Felicia enjoy a grape soda and conversation. Sometimes its the unspoken jokes that make the most impact.

And the Most Memorable Movie Moment of 2008 goes to:

The Pencil Proves Mightier than the Sword.

(The Dark Knight)

"How about a magic trick?" Those fateful words will be etched in my wife's mind for decades to come. It was after this moment in The Dark Knight when I turned to her and whispered, This movie is going to be phenomenal!


Award #6: Most Memorable Music or Dance Performance of 2008

While I do enjoy films with memorable scenes, I've always had an attachment to films that mix those memorable moments to music. I'm starting to wonder if I should rename this category in honor of Will Ferrell, since he somehow manages to make the list nearly every year.

The Sloppy Seconds:

The Irony (and the Soldier) are Palatable.

When Sol, leader of the Road Warrior-styled gang enters the arena to FYC's Good Thing the crowds, both onscreen and in theaters, can't help but be whipped into an excited frenzy.

"Let's Get Sweaty...I'm Talking Rainforest Sweaty."

Fact of the matter is Will Ferrell is funny more often than not. Semi-Pro proved to be funnier than expected, largely due to Jackie Moon's one-hit wonder Love Me Sexy.

Kermit and Fozzy Haven't Spoken Since the Auditions.
(Forgetting Sarah Marshall)

Russell Brand may have played the international rock star but it's Jason Segel's vampire puppet musical that has inspired movie-bloggers worldwide to demand a feature length adaptation!

"The Dude's Got Lats that Make me Feel Gay."
(Hamlet 2)

From the onset, Hamlet 2 is building to a crescendo. The long awaited number, Rock Me Sexy Jesus explodes onscreen. Watch it, and you too, shall be converted.


The Fuckin' Catalina Wine-Mixer!
(Step Brothers)

"I'm going up on that stage, and I'm gonna make beautiful music for a sad world!" Dale goes, Brendan follows and boy, do they!

"No More Frequent Flyer Bitch Miles for My Boy!"
(Tropic Thunder)

The casting of Les Grossman is comedic genius all by itself. Watching Grossman tempt the 'Peck'er to the Dark side with a G5 and some Flo Rida tunes is indescribably hilarious!

And the Most Memorable Music or Dance Performance of 2008 goes to:

Fix You

(Young @ Heart)

I decided it best not to link to the video of this particular performance. Young @ Heart is full of so many great numbers, amusing and touching, that you should rent it to see Fix You in the proper context of them all.


Thus ends another confessional in my not-so Secret Diary. Only three days remain to hand out more awards for 2008's offerings. While I'm finalizing tomorrow's choices, why not head over to the LAMB and check out the Second Annual LION Awards. Tell them Reel Whore sent you.

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