Monday, January 12, 2009

MMM: ...Whispers Through the Gran Torino

If you've been following the last few selections, you know Prince has reigned supreme. My intention was for him to continue to dominate the January mood music scene. Then I saw Gran Torino and another favorite artist of mine grabbed my attention by performing the title song.

I was going to post the official music video for the Gran Torino title track, but it gave away too much of the story. Luckily this artist, though young, has a ton of song choices. I started to choose the jazzy title track from the album twentysomething that put him on the map in the US. I scratched that, deciding instead to upload my favorite tune, Photograph, from his album Catching Tales. Finally, I thought it in my best interest to select Jamie Cullum's cover of What a Difference a Day Made which, coincidentally, is my wife and I's wedding song.

Jamie Cullum - What A Difference a Day Made

If you don't know who British singer, songwriter and pianist Jamie Cullum is, where have you been?! We've seen him live and it was easily one of my Top Five concerts of all time - and I've seen a lot of concerts! His entire catalog is far from this mellow, so give him a listen.

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  1. I thought the song was "difference a day makeS?"


    I love the usage of this song (the original, I believe) in Run Lola Run. Great song, regardless.

  2. It said 'Made' on his site so I don't question the man.

    That's a great flick. Don't recall this song. Probably watched it pre-stereo system through the tinny-tele speakers.

  3. Oh, I don't doubt you got it right. I did a quick search after commenting and it looks like his version is indeed titled "Made" while the original is "Makes."

    In Lola, it's when she gets SPOILER shot.