Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Delinquency Unmasked

Hola Stargazers. I was a little thin on posts last week, but for good reason. I had to hop, skip, jump on over to Charlay to visit family. That, and to get my geek on at HeroesCon.

Fellow blogger The Fraze was also there, but the multitude of nerdly happenings and nerdly masses kept us from connecting. You can discover all his exploits over at Counting Down the Hours.

Like every year, I spent too much money and had a blast doing it. I met some really cool people. I did my share of line standing to meet the big names in comics like Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker and George Perez. I also met some noteworthy names you'll be hearing more about.

New Friends:

Along the back wall was Lora Innes who writes and draws the webcomic The Dreamer. The webcomic is being published by IDW and a trade paperback collecting the first six issues will be released July 15th. Mark your calendars, people!

My foxy tee garnered me the attention of Shazzbaa. She writes the journal comic, Today Nothing Happened. I've only had time to read a few entries, but I'll certainly be back to read more.

Shazbaa's booth buddy Meghan introduced me to Maggot, the star of her webcomic Filtered Fuzz. Her site sidetracked me from this post for more than a few minutes.

I did meet some cool dudes, too. I was drawn to the booth of Chris Schweizer for two reasons; his hilarious drawing of Wolverine in the convention program and the spanky bandanna he was sporting on Day 1. I left with his book Crogan's Vengeance and a photo of the best pirate pose of the weekend.

Robert Venditti, creator of The Surrogates was also on hand. How cool is it that your first work gets turned into a major motion picture!? He was very excited.

The guys at Tsunami Studios were super nice. John "Waki" Wycough and I spent a long time discussing if Eccleston or Tennant was the better Doctor Who. We also argued which sidekick, Rose, Martha or Donna Noble, was our favorite. Differing, but equally valid opinions emerged.

Like I said, it was a weekend for geeking out. In that regard, I was quite successful. Now it's time I climb back into the review saddle. These pending posts aren't going to write themselves!

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  1. A chance to meet another LAMB and you didn't do it?!? Unacceptable! But seriously, that's too bad.

    Loved the slideshow. Where was the pics of Dodge This?

  2. We go to Charlay every month or so. I promised Adam that next trip we will make plans.

    Dodge This? humors me when I shift into nerd chatter. She came on Day 1, but I was the lone wolf the rest of the weekend. Probably why I spent so much money! Normally we do snap a few photos of her, thanks for pointing out that I snubbed her this year!

    I tried to sample the best photos for the slideshow. Glad you liked the choices.