Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yes We Can!

Stargazers! It's time once again to do your civic duty. E! Online's poll: Tater Tops 2009: Who Is This Season's Breakout Star? is up and your vote is needed!

Specifically, I recommend you vote for Miracle Laurie. She's the true breakout, seeing as how Dollhouse is her first recurring role and she nailed it! That was no easy task considering she played Mellie, November and Madeline - completely different characters. Sweet and slightly self-deprecating as Mellie, but Miracle could turn on a dime into one tough cookie.

Not knocking the other 'breakouts' but didn't Kevin McKidd have his own show before Grey's Anatomy? Adam Scott has been around for like ever and is always good. Yvonne Strahovski has been playing this character for three seasons of Chuck. Nelsan Ellis is the closest contender to a true breakout, and no offense Mr. Ellis, but Miracle is WAY hotter!

I tuned into Dollhouse because it was a Joss Whedon project and I have always been a stringent supporter of Eliza Dushku's career. However, it ended up that I wouldn't be completely satisfied with an episode unless I got Miracle Laurie fix. Yeah, she was that good. Enough hype, go vote!

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  1. So voting for her would have nothing to do with the fact that she's cute? ;)

  2. What!? No, no. My acclaim is all for he talent.

    Just because I dubbed her "Thickness" and shouted said moniker with glee whenever she appeared in a scene is purely coincidental. :-)

  3. Thickness. Lol.

    She does need to lose a few though.

  4. Oh no, I think she's very fine just like she is.

    You tend to lean towards leaner in your tastes? Sasha Grey, Diora Baird. Lovely girls, but I got no complaints for Ms. Laurie.

  5. Those are two great explains you picked RW. I do like lean and athletic.

  6. I feel like I found this from your site, but in case I didn't:

    Your girl Diora is in the competition. Did you come out a fan of the USA or Brazil?