Monday, August 3, 2009

MMM: I Got Your Friend Right Here!

I caught Funny People over the weekend. No surprise there, right? It was another winner by Apatow, but I'll save the specifics for my forthcoming review. Now I usually don't like to spoil surprises, but I kind of have to because Funny People inspired this Monday Mood Music selection.

It's also appropriate because James Taylor is, more or less, a Carolina boy - North Carolina REPRESENT! He's been cranking out music since the late 60's and I figured if Apatow thought enough of him to give him props in his film, a fellow Carolinian like myself should give him some props on my site.

Without further adieu, here's back-in-the-day JT, sans the reflective pate:

James Taylor - Fire and Rain

Is it just me, or wouldn't Christian Bale be absolutely perfect to play Sweet Baby James in a biopic? At the very least they could get Alessandro Nivola! Either way, none of those fellas are getting any younger so someone needs to jump on that.

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