Monday, March 8, 2010

MMM: Ain't No Shame

I woke up this morning thinking I'd take the easy way out for this week's Monday Mood Music selection by posting the Academy's latest Best Song inductee, The Weary Kind. It's a good song and I'm glad it won, but if you're as over all the Oscar talk as I am, you're ready to move on.

Instead, let's dig back into my past. Sometime last fall I was at my parent's when my sister comes in and dumps a huge plastic bag in my lap. Inside were dozens of cassette singles from my high school days. (For all you whipper-snappers, a cassette single was what you would purchase before mp3s or even CD singles were available.) I tossed it into a dark corner of my house until about two weeks ago. It was about 1am on a Saturday night, I was wide awake and inspiration struck. I jumped on Amazon and created a wishlist, Cassettes to Digital, for all those dusty, faded memories. Now whenever I have a credit or two to burn over at Amazon, this will be the perfect source to reminisce.

When I first started transcribing these 'hits', more than a few singles gave me pause. I couldn't believe I had some of these tunes, but ultimately I put every track on the list because as bad as some of my choices may seem, they are a part of me.

Proving there ain't no shame in what was my game, this week's selection is one of those WTF?! cassette singles:

*image courtesy of tOkKa's phtostream

So how many of you remember Partners in Kryme and there only hit Turtle Power? I hit the Wiki to see where are they now and this is what I found:

Excerpt from Wikipedia:
"Partners in Kryme (or Partnerz in Kryme) was an American hip hop duo from New York City. Its members were James Alpern and Richard Usher. Their first single, "Turtle Power", was written for and featured in the movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 1990, and became a smash hit in the US and UK. A second single, "Undercover", was released on Capitol Records, but this failed to chart, and the group never released a full-length album."

Not a whole lot, huh? Well, they can't all be winners. This one goes out to all you TMNT fans:

Partners in Kryme - Turtle Power

So tell me, who was your favorite turtle?

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  1. Michaelangelo, duh he was the cool one and he loved pizza :D

  2. I didn't have a favorite. I only vaguely remember the cartoon, but I know I saw the movie. The theater where I saw it is now but a memory, kinda like your cassette singles.

  3. @onesweetmonkey: Michaelangelo was pretty cool, but Donatello was the computer whiz.

    @Dodge This!: Hey! At least I didn't get all teary at the thought of giving away my cassette singles. :-p