Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Than a Mouthful: For Fuck's Sake!

Jeez Louise, you gotta be kiddin' me! No sooner did I finish writing my rant about KFC's rifuckindonkulous gimmick, the slab of fried chicken meat, than they go and make a product so insanely bad for your health that it's mind bottling. In my mail today was a KFC coupon mailer, and in the center was a huge image like this:

Not sure what you're looking at? Neither am I. They call it the Double Down Sandwich. KFC, in their constant quest to reinvent the way we think about food, has said, why the hell do you need sandwich buns when you can just replace them with two fried boneless breast filets? Honestly, just because the sangwich bread is made of meat, that doesn't mean you can leave out the filling. Let's stuff it with bacon, some pepper jack cheese and toss on a slice of Monterey jack for good measure. Then we'll top the whole thing off with Colonel's sauce, which looks strangely like honey mustard, but is probably something far more sinister they distilled from the grease they cook all their chicken in.

If you get the chance to eat one of these puppies and somehow the fat in your veins doesn't congeal, resulting in immediate death, leave me a comment about your experience.

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