Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tinsel Alert! - March 9, 2010

Attention stargazers! The following is a Tinsel Alert for actress Linda Fiorentino. Today is Linda's birthday. She is 52. She was last seen on the big screen ten years ago in Where the Money Is and What Planet Are You From?. There have been rumored sitings of her on the festival circuit since, but these have not been confirmed.

If you have any information about this actress or the whereabouts of her career, please call Hollywood. You need not give your name.

This has been a Tinsel Alert. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.

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  1. Come back, Linda, come back!
    All is forgiven! Grace us with your presence yet again, please?

  2. I know right? I see she has some festival flick out right now. Maybe it'll pick up some steam. If she waits much longer, she'll be taking granny roles?!

  3. One of my favorite actresses- after The Last Seduction I expected her to be a star. I remember reading an interview where she doesn't like most of the roles she's offered. She's taken some risks like Dogma, which I thought worked.

  4. I quite enjoyed Dogma. I really thought she was going to go places after that movie. Maybe she'll start showing up as the young grandmother or something now. Most actresses have a lull in their career.

  5. I'm pretty sure she took some time off to raise kids, but damnit, it's time for for triumphant return. I, too, had heard rumors here and there (and maybe even saw a trailer; I can't even recall). Come back, Linda!

  6. I assumed kids was the reason, but like you said, it's time for a comeback!