Wednesday, March 31, 2010

More Than a Mouthful: Five Foot Nine, Sir...

I didn't know they stacked shit that high. At least it is starting to feel like that around the Whore's abode.

I returned home from a weekend away, geared up to crank out some serious postage for the blog, but you know what they say about the best of intentions. Maybe next time I won't attempt to tighten the reigns in the same week as a major work deadline. Not to mention that Monday's grey skies have been evaporated by the heat of a near summer-like sun. The allure of shiny, happy nature is much stronger than the cold glow of my PC screen.

Alas, these are all excuses as to why I haven't posted about the metric shit-ton of things that have been on my mind. So, in no particular order, here goes:

In Movie News...
"The balcony is closed, this time for good." That is the first line of the New York Times article signaling the end of Siskel and Ebert's movie critic television program, At the Movies. Reading this last week, I was surprised the show was still on at all. Ironically, I caught the latest episode while in Charlotte just after that. It should be a sad time except for 1) Ebert's already in talks to create a new style of critic show and 2) I was always more of a Sneak Previews with Jeffrey Lyons guy growing up. That's not because I didn't like Siskel & Ebert, it's just that with my limited selection of TV channels growing up in the boondocks, it was the only available choice. So here's to you At the Movies; so long, and thanks for all the fish.

In Other News...
Has this ever happened to you? You order up a box of chicken nuggets and find yourself getting dipping sauce all over your fingers? Sure, you can buy chicken tenders instead, but having to pick up each individual strip and lift it to your mouth becomes so tedious. Fret no more hungry citizens, KFC has answered our prayers.

For the last month, the KFC Boneless Filet has been available to sate your nugget and/or strip snackin' woes (Watch the commercial here). It's a chicken breast, fried in the Colonel's secret recipe, swaddled in a paperboard wrapper. Mmmm.

The wrapper, akin to McDonalds' hash brown wrapping, soaks up the grease allowing us on-the-go individuals to gnaw on that huge honkin' piece of poultry without getting messy. How convenient! And since it's one massive chunk of chicken, there's no need to rifle through containers, crumpled napkins and paper bags in search of the last morsel of meat because it's all in the palm of your hand! But you best eat it fast, if the wrapper soaks up too much of that flavorful grease, you may find yourself chewing off your own hand while attempting to satisfy that voracious appetite. Rifuckindonkulous!

Across the Blogosphere...
Over at the LAMB, it is time to submit your predictions for the March to the Box Office Madness 2010! It's a tournament bracket for predicting the biggest movies of the summer. The deadline for submission is April 2. Do you have what it takes to topple the predictive prowess of yours truly, winner of the 2009 bracket?

Large Association of Movie Blogs

Still to Come...
I had intended to include a poll with this post, but due to it's already hefty length, the new poll will be up later this week. The first 2010 RW Quarterly will be up shortly and you can also expect my latest Trailer Trash by week's end. I'd like to say you can expect a movie review stuffed in there, too, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.


Large Association of Movie Blogs

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