Monday, May 10, 2010

MMM: Wizard of Ass!

This week's Monday Mood Music choice was a difficult one.  Every show on my DVR had some musical interlude worthy of inclusion. So before we get to my official selection, let's talk TV. 

If by some chance you didn't know, this weekend's Saturday Night Live host was Betty White. It's been a much anticipated episode, and if you missed it, you need to get off your ass and watch it now! It was a phenomenal episode, easily the best of the season - unless Alec Baldwin can top it with next Saturday's finale. Betty White brought the house down and a handful of SNL comedy moms stopped by to help. It was a treat to see those funny ladies, but I missed the new gals. Abby Elliott, Nasim Pedrad and Jenny Slate barely scored screen-time with the old guard in the house.

If you're wondering how Betty White came to host SNL, you can thank Facebook. As THE spot to connect with friends, aside from a bar, restaurant, house, etc., it was also the platform that folks campaigned to bring this funny lady back into the spotlight. BTW, It is also where the Reel Whore finally has a Page.

Insert shameless promotional ad here: 

 Just to prove the power of promotion, here's some much appreciated advertising from a buddy of mine via Facebook:

You can't ask for better advertising than that. Just ask Betty White.
Concerning Betty's SNL appearance, I've heard several comments saying the episode was filthy, vulgar, etc. Obviously, this is the first time folk have tuned into SNL in quite a while. The show is a little raucous; it is late night television after all. I think too many people are remembering St. Olaf native, Rose Nylund, and not the lady who burnt William Shatner's ass during his Comedy Central roast. It's that misconception that made the SNL Digital Short so ridiculously funny. 

In the video, the SNL cast sing Thank You for Being a Friend to Betty White. The song was covered by Cindy Fee when used as the theme song for The Golden Girls, but hit-maker Andrew Gold deserves credit for the song's creation back in the seventies. 

For Betty White, Facebook and friends, I present this week's Monday Mood Music selection:

Golden Girls Theme Song:
Thank You for Being a Friend - Cindy Fee

Thank You for Being a Friend
Andrew Gold

 (I'll update this post with the official video once available.)

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