Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Viva La Lance!

Hey, hey stargazers! I could not let today pass without mentioning the birthday of an iconic actor. From today through May 4th of 2011, Bishop, a.k.a. Emil Fouchon, a.k.a The Father, a.k.a Frank Black, a.k.a Ace Hanlon, a.k.a. Ed Harley, a.k.a Passing Motorist, a.k.a too many friggin' more to name is 70!

If none of those names ring a bell, well, shame on you! Even a passing movie and TV viewer should have recognized one of these characters. If not, maybe putting a name and a face will help:

Happy 70th Birthday
Lance Henriksen!
You are a fucking buffalo!

He's racked up a total of 166 credits over at IMDB, with 3 more in development. So, if by chance you run into Mr. Henriksen today, pass along warm birthday wishes. Oh, if you haven't seen Lance's work, get over to Netflix and correct your grievous error!

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  1. Wow he's older than I thought! I guess I've mainly seen him in 80's movies like Terminator, Aliens, Near Dark, etc. He's so awesome though and it's great to see he's still making so many films.

  2. I couldn't believe he was 70 either! I should have known; he was an adult in the 80s when I first watched him. Not like he stopped aging.

    I'm glad he's still working hard. Maybe some promotional stuff will send him to the convention circuit. It'd be great to meet him.

  3. Craziness - I never would have guessed he was that old. I watched Pumpkinhead online not too long ago on a lark and was soooo pleased and surprised to see him in the lead. Now I may have to go move Millenium up my Blockbuster queue in support.

  4. Good genes, must be nice. Talking about Lance has had me thinking of Millenium, too. I wonder if it holds up.