Friday, October 1, 2010

Trailer Trash: The October 1st Quickie

That's right, stargazers. By popular demand (as in one person requested I keep doing it), the Trailer Trash will continue to get the Quickie treatment. Yay for me since another week has seemingly taken my life by storm. Reviews promised still lie about unfulfilled and new theatrical releases go unwatched. There must be a cure, some formula...

Until that day comes, I can still skim the interwebs for my local listings to see what new releases have my heart all a twitter. According to IMDb, there are three major releases with another three limited releases in tow.  None of the limited releases are opening in my area, so let's focus on the week's big three.
The Social Network Jesse Eisenberg has come a long way since filming stinkers like The Village and Cursed, hasn't he? Fincher's Facebook movie has piqued my interest since trailer number one and unless you're shock critic Armond White or the two other dicks currently dogging this out on Rotten Tomatoes, I expect if you see this, you'll give its fan page a big 
Verdict: Moist With Antici...Pation!  

Let Me In The interwebs has been all a buzz about the remake of the Swedish thriller Let The Right One In for longer than I care to remember. Now that it's finally here I've got to say, meh. I like Chloe Moretz and Richard Jenkins has made a nice career shift into the estranged old man with emotional baggage, but I shudder at the thought of how badly this version will mutilate my fond memories of the original. My advice to you is deal with the original's subtitles and see why this story was worth the undoubtedly inferior rehashing.

Verdict: It's Friday, I Don't Want to be Alone.
 Case 39 I hadn't heard of this until I read the IMDb entry. The trailer reminds me of dozens of other mediocre-to-subpar-to-pure-shit thrillers about a mysterious something that seems incidental to the hero until they and their loved ones are waste deep in 'oh fuck.' To make this movie worse, RenĂ©e Zellweger and Bradley Cooper get to flaunt their relationship to the world. That prospect is more horrifying to me than the premise.

Verdict: Exercise the Right to Cinematic Celibacy

Looks like a muddled start to October, folks. Right now, I'm wishing I lived in Los Angeles or New York so I could go see Barry Munday. Of all this week's trailers, the thought of watching Patrick Wilson lose his balls has me the most excited. I must still be carrying around some bitterness from Hard Candy. Just kidding; Judy Greer in full-on, freak mama mode is a must-see reason to seek out this limited release.

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  1. With you on all of deese, though I'm a bit more pysched to see Let Me In than you, especially with all of the positive reviews rolling in.

    Figured you'd be down for Barry Munday, as I know you loves you some Greer action. I know someone that saw it on TV (HDNet was apparently showing it at some point) and he liked it quite a bit.

  2. It's playing at a film festival this weekend. I'm not going to be able to make it down there, but Barry Munday was nearly reason enough for me to make the 2hr drive.

    My viewing of Let Me In is on hold until my movie buddy can see the original. She really needs to get on that.