Monday, November 1, 2010

MMM: Fitting Choice

Welcome to November stargazers. After a week of zombies, I'm a little brain-dead. So much so that I decided to leave this Monday Mood Music selection completely up to chance. I woke up, flipped on my pod, hit shuffle and whatever song first played was what you get.

As if the pod somehow read my mind, the tune that you get today is That's What You Get by Paramore. Kinda spooky right? At the very least, it's one hell of a coincidence that the song title fit so well.

I've mentioned before Paramore gives great concert. In fact, they were one of the best shows I saw during the 2010 summer. Considering how chilly-willy it is here today, remembering that 100+ degree evening isn't such a bad thing. While I reminisce about warmer days, you can enjoy this Franklin, Tennessee band's music.

Paramore - That's What You Get

Have a good one.


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