Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Reports of my Death...

are greatly exaggerated. However, if there have been reports that I'm an idiot, I plead guilty. A little over a month ago, Reel Whore was being barraged with spam comments (sit and spin you damn, dirty spammers!). Even with word verification, I discovered awkwardly written comments leading to unsavory sites daily.

At first I was simply de-commenting the spam, trying to spare you stargazers from further comment restrictions. Daily de-spamming soon became overwhelming so I turned on comment moderation, which I have used in the past. Apparently, I either forgot to enter my email address into the notification settings or it didn't save the address. Either way, I never received notifications of all my wonderful stargazers' comments. I did notice tonight, over a month later, the link on my Dashboard telling me I had 43 comment awaiting moderation.

I. Am. So. Completely. Stoopid. 

I was so busy with work and prepping for the Week of Reel Whorror throughout October, I just assumed my lack of comments was due to lame/uninteresting postage content. Man, I was way off!

I thank you all for your comments. I want you to know I was not ignoring anyone intentionally, I was just a dumbass. I will be working extra hard tomorrow to allow and reply every single comment. Right now, though, I've got to lash myself for my lameness and send myself to bed without any pudding.

I hope we can still be friends.

Large Association of Movie Blogs


  1. Well, RW, this'll be difficult. I'm not sure I can forgive you.

    But I'll try as hard as my heart can muster, what with it being broken and all.

  2. I'm glad the mystery has been solved. I've been wondering what was happening to my comments, and whether my memories of leaving them were made up or not...

    Just don't do it again.

  3. P-p-please Simon! Try hard.

    I'll even whip up a spanky hump just to make amends.

  4. @blake: Don't worry, I doubt I'll ever make that mistake again. It was scary thinking all my readers had abandoned me.