Monday, November 8, 2010

MMM: No Day But Today

Morning stargazers! You would think this week's selection would be from one of the albums I scored for my birthday, but it's nowhere close. Fact is both of those artists have already been featured in the Monday Mood Music and I wanted something new.

Today's tune isn't exactly new and it wasn't my immediate choice, but it is stuck in my head. Now it's time to be stuck in yours. The clip below is the opening credits from the 2005 film adaptation of the Broadway musical, Rent. Rent opened in 1996, was a critical success and won the Tony for Best Musical. Fourteen years later this song can now be found gracing a Macy's jewelry ad. I don't think that's what composer Jonathan Larson had in mind for his bohemian ballad. Nevertheless, enjoy the film version of his song, Season of Love.

Seasons of Love (Jonathan Larson)

Tracie Thoms rocks. Have a good one, people.

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