Monday, November 29, 2010

MMM: Take a Little Trip

For those stargazers who celebrated Thanksgiving over the weekend, I hope it was enjoyable. My holiday trip was full of good food and good times with friends and family. Fresh from that trip, I'm finalizing my plans to head to Atlanta for some geeky goodness. Don't worry, I'll take plenty of pictures to share.

I've also got one more, less fun excursion on the horizon. Trip(s) to local car lots have invaded my future. The wifey's car decided it wasn't ready to travel for the holidays and conked out on her Wednesday evening. At least it didn't leave us stranded on some winding road during the Thanksgiving weekend, but when the ol' girl quit, she quit. It'll cost more to fix her than she's worth so let the fun times begin.

Right now we're looking for the best option to fit our needs. I haven't started having dreams about cars just yet, but before this process is over, I'm sure spinning rims will be dizzying my mind. What better time to choose a love song to cars for the Monday Mood Music?

War - Low Rider

 I'd love to hear any car recommendations or haggling horror stories if you got 'em. Have a great week!

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  1. Good choice. It'll sound even better blaring from the stereo of my new Beetle.

  2. If you love your Beetle's so much, why haven't you been researching any of them? :-)