Thursday, January 6, 2011

And I Thought 2010 Sucked...

Can you believe it? The Reel Whore is finally publishing content that is not a Monday Mood Music, Hump, or Trailer Trash! It has been longer than I care to report, but I am finally getting my arse back in gear for 2011. I don't think I suffered from blogger burnout so much as bad movie burnout (among other things). Up until December, 2010 was a lackluster year for film with only an occasional diamond to remind moviegoers of what we was lacking. What can you hope for when the bulk of 2010 film budgets were squandered on 3D rendering instead of story development and competent direction? Thankfully, television studios got it right last year or stargazers would have been at a complete loss. That's another topic for another time.

You have to be wondering what could inspire the Reel Whore to put finger to keyboard once again. You can thank Seth Rogen and his upcoming film, The Green Hornet. When teasers first aired last summer, I admit there was a tingling twixt my movie nethers. Kato looked badass and I was amped to see what sort of despicable villain Waltz would bring to the screen. Teasers gave way to full blown trailers and my excitement fizzled to mild interest. Kato and his kung fu action was all that kept me hopeful enough to want to drop cash on a matinee. Then came the Hornet-Hardee's spots which were cheesy, but those hand-breaded chicken tenders are tasty so I can overlook the cross promotional pandering.

Last night my final strand of interest in Green Hornet went limp. The latest spot features Seth Rogen giving audiences a karaoke version of Coolio's Gangsta Paradise as he and Kato cruise the streets keeping them safe from crime. Seriously? Coolio can't even get anyone to pay him to sing his song, so why would audiences care to see Seth's rendition? If you haven't seen it, take a look:

Given it's January release date and the action-heavy trailers, my expectations were amazingly low, now this movie may be past redemption. My movie buddy is going to have to do a lot of convincing to get me to pay for this. So much for placing hope in better movies in 2011.

What about you? Anyone give a rat's ass about seeing The Green Hornet opening weekend?


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  1. This movie never did anything for me. I was only interested because of Michel Gondry. But you're right, these trailers keep making it look God awful. I will probably be skipping this one.

  2. Even if your movie buddy convinces you, don't try to drag me along.

  3. @blake- Having Gondry at the helm also piqued my interest, but yeah the marketing has destroyed this movie.

    @Dodge This!- You know you love Seth Rogen, why would miss this. :-)

  4. Didn't realize Michel Gondry directed this...I'm a fan of his. Still, the January release date IS an issue, but then CLOVERFIELD had a January release as well, and I enjoyed that one (and it took in $40 million to boot).

    But, yeah...trailer looks real bad.

  5. Good point w/ Cloverfield. Last year's Daybreakers was decent enough and it opened the first weekend of January. There's usually so much bad in January it's hard to recall the good.

    I enjoy Gondry's work too. Hopefully his touch will add some good to the Green Hornet.

  6. I'm hoping so as well. I so WANT to like Green Hornet!

    Still, I'm preparing myself for disappointment.

  7. I got to catch a sneak peek of GH-3D last night. I'll try and get my review up in the next day or two.

    If you're curious for an instant opinion: It falls somewhere in the middle of great and terrible - I haven't made up my mind as to which one it's closest to.

  8. "If you're curious for an instant opinion: It falls somewhere in the middle of great and terrible - I haven't made up my mind as to which one it's closest to."

    Hey, that sounds just like Gondry's last flick!

    I'll be waiting for video for this 'un. I love Gondry (another stinker and he'll fall off a lot of people's lists, sad to say), but this just doesn't seem worth the money

  9. @Fletch: It really wasn't worth paying, I'm glad I got a free pass to see it. It'll be worth a rental just to glean the good bits.