Monday, January 24, 2011

MMM: Boom, Boom, Boom

Another Monday, another Mood Music. I got a very exciting bit of news last week. A singer from my "Artists to See Before They Die" list announced they're coming to my area this June! The bad news is that ticket sales start this Saturday. I haven't even got paid this month and folks are already trying to drain my bank account!

If I so choose to torture myself, I could tune into my local annoying radio station to do the "listen and win" thing. Considering I'm rarely that lucky, I'll just suck it up and buy the tickets. What do I work for if not to piss away my coin on my latest whim? At least the purchase will fall to next month's credit card bill.

Besides, I want to be certain to get the closest and bestest seats possible. I doubt she'll put on a stage production of Gaga grandeur, but there are a couple of great reasons to get a front row vantage. Why don't I shut up and put my money where my mouth is while I let you enjoy a live rendition of Katy Perry's latest hit.

Katy Perry - Firework (Live)

Anyone out there have any must-see artists on their 2011 concert wishlist?

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  1. Katy wasn't on my must-see list, but I'm sure it will be a fun show. I'm waiting for Neil Young or The Roots to swing this way.

  2. We need to get on Neil Young, I'm not sure how many more tours he's going to give.