Monday, March 28, 2011

MMM: I'd Watch That For a Dollar

Can you believe March is drawing to a close? I had such high hopes for the month, and unless I can somehow wave a magic wand; it looks like April is going to be doubly-packed with to dos. It's also in the 30s and sleeting today, so not much incentive to turn over a productive leaf.

It is good movie-watching weather. I watched three films over the weekend, none of which blew me away and at least one of which just blew. More on that later. I really dug the music in Limitless; this week's selection is from the soundtrack. Ironically, the music video from the Ohio-born blues duo of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, aka The Black Keys, is itself a short film along the lines of Machete and El Mariachi. Watching Howlin For You helped restore my faith that I could watch sexy, scantily-clad chicks kick ass and not become physically ill. A strange concern for the Reel Whore, I know, but had you been subjected to the shit I was over the weekend, you would understand. Without further delay, I leave you to ogle Tricia Helfer and groove to this funky tune.

The Black Keys - Howlin For You

Is it just me or does Dan Auerbach kinda look like Jon Hamm underneath that 'stache?

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  1. That's such a fantastic non-video. Hard to decide what the best part is: the music, the amazing women, or Sir Todd Bridges?

  2. The women, definitely the women. Although Sir Todd Bridges giving props to Diora's ass makes him a very close second.